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Frankiln Lightning rod

Large size Franklin type tetrapuntal lightning rod, with a greater range of protection against lightning, made of nickel-plated brass.

PDC Lightning rod

The PDC Lightning Rod (ESE) is a state-of-the-art lightning rod that incorporates a PDC electronic device for the advance of Priming (ESE. Early Streemer Emission).

Zeus Lightning rod / Inhibitor

Primary protection element that prevents the conditions necessary for lightning to occur in the protected area.

Our products and Environment


They are not connected to the electrical network.

2 They are radiating elements.

They do not emit radiation of any kind and are totally harmless to the human body.


But if the lightning does not strike, the cloud is "charged"?

When the beam looks for a place to discharge its energy, the Zeus inhibitor lightning rod turns the protected area into a transparent area. Its effect would be to make the protected area disappear, and therefore also make any point that could encourage or cause the lightning strike to disappear.

By answering the same question, the Inhibitor Lightning Rod even decreases the likelihood of lightning striking, because part of the electrostatic energy is channeled and discharged peacefully through the mini discharges that take place in its head.

Does this mean that the beam is diverted to the neighboring building?

No. The chances of lightning striking your neighbor will be at most the same as if the Inhibitor Lightning Rod had not been installed.

Furthermore, if the neighbor is close enough to the protected building, the probability of being struck by lightning will decrease as they are protected by the residual effect of the inhibitor action.

Innovative and sustainable protection,
no radiation or energy consumption.

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